Propane Delivery Solutions in Barrie

At Value Propane we offer several different types of residential propane service in Sunderland and across the surrounding areas extending as far as Barrie. Our two most popular delivery methods are automatic and will call.

Automatic Delivery

Automatic propane delivery is the most popular service Value Propane offers. This allows worry-free delivery for home heat customers. Our delivery system is based on “degree-day calculations,” which means we deliver your fuel based on outside temperatures. Automatic delivery customers will receive fuel 24/7.

You may request a change to your account with our Automatic Delivery Form.

Will Call Delivery

Will call delivery customers are required to contact the office when their propane level reaches 25% to 30%. This will place the customer on a list for the next delivery scheduled in that area. For will call customers, we do not consider propane to be their main heating source. Our propane delivery trucks will not be re-routed unless a re-routing fee is paid.

Request a change to your account with our Will Call Delivery Form.

Return your completed form to our office or email it as an attachment to

Value Propane invites you to call the office with your questions and to receive a quote for propane deliveries in Barrie and other wide spread service areas.

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